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Creativity, Innovation, and Quality

Logicwind is a technology provider who understands your business needs and creates efficient solutions.  We love to work with the latest technology & solve problems with advanced technology for various types and sizes of organizations. We have a dedicated development perspective which helps us deliver the right solution. We work with you as one team and bring innovative solutions to the table. We understand and care deeply about your expectations and success. Hence, allowing us to go the extra mile and bring delight to you.

Mission and Vision 

Logicwind enables people to enhance their productivity. We are determined to empower your business efficiency with cutting-edge technology. Our aim is to make technology an invaluable asset for your business and strive to integrate technology with your business seamlessly, so your business can grow. 

Core Values

Beliefs that each Logician is driven by


Creativity is the core value at Logicwind. We emphasize creativity for all employees and encourage them to utilize time, space, and tools to bring their creative ideas to life and develop solutions.


Knowledge is valued over reinvention. We know that learning changes minds and lives. We aim to grow by embracing, encouraging as well as sharing the learnings.  


Quality is something that we live by. We deliver solutions that ensure customer satisfaction, profitability, and the future of our employees and our growth.

Freedom to act

We grow with freedom and its responsibility. With full freedom from the outset, we encourage their willingness to organize and to take responsibility for their work themselves. 


Turning setbacks into comebacks and adapting to every situation is what we do and believe. We are adaptable to technology trends, clients’ requirements, and other factors equally.

life of logicians

We work, we play, we create memories; working at LogicWind is a whole lot of an experience

We don’t believe in the nine-to-five work routine, being tied up to the desk, or forcing new employees to relocate. The jobs at Logicwind allow one to be themselves, free and grow.

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