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The Problem

ContactBook is a user-friendly contact sharing add-on available at the G Suite Marketplace. It allows users to create new contacts right from Gmail and easily share them with other Gmail and G Suite users in the company.

ContactBook is our internal product and the main challenge was to get targeted traffic to the website and convert them to use our contact sharing tool.

The Strategy

Our first step was finding the appropriate keywords for ContactBook. We decided to target two separate groups of keywords:

  • Informational Keywords
  • Transactional Keywords

Informational Keywords are “google suite vs zoho,” “recover contacts from gmail,” and “g suite sync gmail.” which are more targeted towards increasing awareness of the products. These keywords help to build trust and these users are potential customers for ContactBook.

Transactional Keywords are “shared contacts for gmail,” “contact sharing app,” which are directly targeted towards getting more signups.

We then took these keywords, examined the search behavior behind them, and wrote website and blog copy to target the search intent behind the people using them.

We spent 10 months writing and optimizing more than 40 posts for ContactBook. We also rewrote all of their main landing pages to get higher conversions.

Our Strategies was:

  • Rewrite Old Blog Post
  • Optimize existing blog posts
  • Improve Image SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Website Conversion Rate Optimization to improve conversion rate
  • Improve overall structure of the content and design of the blogs

The Results

Comparison of March 2020 vs March 2021.

Organic Traffic Stats

In the above screenshot you can see that we ranked 1st on Google for the keyword “zoho one vs g suite” we have targeted for this blog and there are many other keywords for which we ranked 1st on Google.

Our blog and website content was leading to so much additional targeted traffic and growth, — in just less than one year of putting our strategy into action.

What This Means For Your Brand

There’s an SEO strategy for every business — including yours.

Often — either due to past experiences or misconceptions — business owners feel that their company is the exception. Maybe they think that their field is too competitive, or that they’re searching for a particularly unique client.

All it takes for your business to find success is to use the right SEO strategy, target the right keywords, and create the right content marketing strategy. To do that, you need the right SEO partner.

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