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Avg. Cost per Lead


Quality Leads


Seats Booked for Co-working

The Problem

When Ikoverk came to Logicwind, they had two problems:

  • They were trying to get leads for their coworking business through SEO.
  • They were not able to pull people to their coworking space.

IKoVerk is a coworking space, where people from different backgrounds will come to work together and will yet grow individually. One of the firsts, to introduce coworking in the city, we aspire to help a variety of businesses to flourish and also aid individuals to aim higher and achieve more from their professional lives. Coworking is a style of work that combines the freedom of working for yourself with the community and creativity of a traditional job. It involves a shared working environment as one office where people indulge in independent activities.

The main goal of Ikoverk is to get bookings of their space in less than ₹100 cost per lead.

Logicwind came up with the idea of providing 7 days free trial and suggest running Facebook Ads to get desired results.

We walk them over through the entire process of Facebook ads from strategies to implementation and expected results.

This made them convinced about signing a contract with us.

The Strategy

Our first step is to create a simple but convincing landing page for the Facebook ad so that we got higher conversion rates from our ad. Apart from that, we helped them improve their website for conversion by implementing the required changes.

The second step was to create a good copy that convinces users to click on the ads and the rest is on the landing page.

Our Strategies was:

  • To create a convincing and appealing ad copy
  • A/B test with different images, ad copy, headlines, and videos
  • Retargeting existing website visitors

The Results

Oct 2020 - Mar 2021 (Overall Data)

In the above image, you can see that we are getting tons of engagement and clicks on our ads and this is only possible when you target the right audience with relevant ad copy and images or videos.

Campaign Results

These campaigns gave Ikoverk a rain of paid customers and within the 6 months, their space was fully occupied.

Our ad strategies and a copy was getting lots of leads and paid customers for Ikoverk. — in just 6 months of putting our strategy into action.

What This Means For Your Brand

There is Facebook ads for every business — including yours.

Often — either due to past experiences or misconceptions — business owners feel that their company is the exception. Maybe they think that their field is too competitive, or that they’re searching for a particularly unique client. That, or they think that Facebook ad might work, but it’d be too expensive for them to stack up to their competitors.

All it takes for your business to find success is to use the right strategy, target the right audience, and create the right ad copy that resonates with the audience. To do that, you need the right partner.

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