Increase in ROAS


Average ROAS of Ads

INR 9,16,171

Revenue Generated

The Problem

When Zyra Store came to Logicwind, they had two problems:

  • They were trying to get sales for their e-commerce business through Facebook ads.
  • They were not able to make their business profitable.

Zyra is a paradise for women looking for Indian ethnic wear. We offer a wide range of western wear, salwar kameez, designer sarees, & wedding lehengas at affordable prices. Since our inception in the year 2016, we have carved a niche in the ethnic fashion world with impeccable craftsmanship & traditional yet contemporary designs.

When we first met with Zyra, they told us that they want to increase the overall sales and become profitable with Facebook ads.

We walk them over through the entire process of Facebook ads from strategies to implementation and timeline.

This made them excited about signing a contract with us.

The Strategy

Our first step was to find the winning products as they have tons of products and it was difficult to test each and every product so we decided to go with the products that are in the trends and we choose 10 products to test with.

The next step would be to find the target audience which is a very crucial step to get success with the Facebook ads so at the first we go for the broad set of audiences in their niche.

We spent almost about 3-4 days finalizing the set of audience we are targeting to test the products.

After that, we have started our testing campaign and from that, we were able to find the 2 winning products, and then we have created 3-4 campaigns with the winning products.

Our Strategies was:

  • Find the winning products
  • Create a 3-4 campaign with the winning products
  • Retarget the customers with different segments (Who haven’t purchased)
  • Optimize the campaign to improve the ROAS and conversions

The Results

Feb 2021 - Mar 2021 (Overall Data)

Our ad strategies and a copy was getting lots of sales and engagements on our ads— in just less than 3 months of putting our strategy into action.

What This Means For Your Brand

There is Facebook ads for every business — including yours.

Often — either due to past experiences or misconceptions — business owners feel that their company is the exception. Maybe they think that their field is too competitive, or that they’re searching for a particularly unique client. That, or they think that Facebook ad might work, but it’d just be too expensive for them to stack up to their competitors.

Zyra Store fell into both of these traps but it wasn’t entirely their fault!

A 2 months later, Zyra Store has increased its ROAS from 5% to 11% — and it’s still climbing.

All it takes for your business to find success is to use the right strategy, target the right audience, and create the right ad copy that resonates with the audience. To do that, you need the right marketing partner.

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