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Samachar.app is a web and mobile application which sources latest Gujarati news from well known Gujarati news papers like Gujarat Samachar, Divyabhaskar. Users can also browse news city wise based on various categories.

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Local foodie is a web application to discover local food dishes and food joints which are popular but not widely known or available anywhere else. Users can also contribute and earn points via recommendations on different dishes/places.


Create a personalized link for yourself to combine all the important links for your audience. Also get analytics of the users activity on your 1Lynk page


AppsOnAir is a platform to host & share in-house & in-development apps. It allows users to do wireless installation on their devices.Essential tool for Mobile app developer.


Shortnotes is not for storing tasks or writing long notes, but its for little notes like  Zip Codes, Hotel room no, passport no, flight no, PRN etc.


urltags is a free and easy to use URL shortening tool that enables you to share the shortened link easily, monitor the engagements and track the clicks.

Figma Plugin

Spell Inspector

Spell Inspector is a Figma plugin which searches for spelling mistakes on your Figma design, list the issues. You can correct all the issues with a single click!

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Ultimate Exporter

Ultimate exporter is Figma plugin which helps to export Figma files directly into cloud tools. Export your assets and frames into your favorite tools like Google Drive.

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