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SEO is an emerging domain that has become quintessential in today’s date. That’s where we come in. Our organic search team takes a technical approach to ensure your website outperforms competitors. Whether you are seeking local recognition, targeting an audience, or even building a brand overseas, we can help with all of that.

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Paid Ads

On the subject of paid marketing, we ensure that you get returns on every ounce you put in. Our experts take a mathematical and systematic approach to plan, run, and manage your ad campaign. Using data-driven insights with technology and creativity, we execute campaigns that get you potential leads and boost your revenue.  

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Social Media Marketing

 We offer through and through social media management services. Right from a customized social media marketing service plan to generate brand awareness, content creation to strategic posting, we’ve got it all. Understanding your industry, audience, and goals, we determine the best strategy for various platforms. Let’s build a stronger and better social identity for your business.

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Content Marketing

 In the world, where is and going to be the king, your brand must deliver a unique story. Content marketing is one of the most powerful digital marketing strategies. Our content writers develop, write, edit, and promote search engine-friendly content for your business. Blogs, promotional emails, drip emails, website content, and more.

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Conversion Rate Optimization

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The Digital Marketing Team at Logicwind is organized and efficient. They worked nicely to get us high organic and paid social media activity. We also appreciate the prompt response from their talented team

Sumant Kachru
Founder - digiQC

We are impressed by Logicwind’s Digital Marketing Expertise in the areas of SEO and Social Media Marketing. Their team is knowledgeable, responsive and committed to supporting our initiatives to promote brand awareness, drive traffic to our website, and generate new business. We are pretty confident that we’re getting the best advice on how to effectuate our Digital Marketing Strategy.

Mehul Shah
Co-founder - Ikoverk

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