Backend Lead

Job Description

Logicwind s looking for an experienced Lead Backend Engineer to join the team and take ownership of the backend development of our platform. As a Lead Backend Engineer, you will work closely with cross-functional teams to design, develop, and maintain complex, secure, and scalable backend solutions.

Job Responsibilities

  • Lead the backend development team and provide technical guidance and mentorship
  • Collaborate with other teams to define and design secure, scalable, and efficient RESTful APIs and develop backend solutions using Node.js and Express.
  • Architect and implement secure, scalable, and fault-tolerant infrastructure using AWS, serverless technologies, and containerization technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes.
  • Design and develop secure, optimized, and scalable database schemas and queries.
  • Implement and maintain secure data encryption mechanisms at rest and in transit.
  • Ensure the quality of code through code reviews and merging using Git.
  • Participate in solution design and planning, including microservices, event-drivenarchitectures, and distributed systems.
  • Design and implement scalable message queues and event-driven architectures usingtechnologies such as Kafka, RabbitMQ, or AWS SNS/SQS.
  • Manage and prioritize the team's workload and ensure timely delivery of projects.
  • Ensure the security, scalability, and reliability of the backend system design.
  • Conduct load testing and performance optimization of backend systems.
  • Use monitoring and logging tools to monitor and troubleshoot the backend systems.

Skills Requirement

  • Strong experience in Node.js and Express.
  • Experience with secure, scalable, and efficient API design and development.
  • Strong knowledge of secure, scalable, and fault-tolerant infrastructure design and AWS.
  • Experience with serverless technologies and containerization technologies such as Dockerand Kubernetes (or other container technologies like AWS ECS, OpenShift).
  • Expertise in secure, optimized, and scalable database design and development, preferablywith SQL and NoSQL databases.
  • Experience in team management and providing technical mentorship.
  • Experience with code review and merging using Git.
  • Strong problem-solving and analytical skills.
  • Excellent communication and collaboration skills.
  • Strong understanding of system architecture patterns such as microservices, event-drivenarchitectures, and distributed systems.
  • Experience with implementing secure data encryption mechanisms at rest and in transit.
  • Expertise in designing and implementing secure RESTful APIs with OAuth2 or JWTauthentication/authorization mechanisms.
  • Experience with designing and implementing scalable message queues and event-drivenarchitectures using technologies such as Kafka, RabbitMQ, or AWS SNS/SQS.

Required Experience

Must have proven 5+ years of Node JS experience specifically


  • Opportunity to develop your own team.
  • Fast growth and more visibility into the company.
  • Experience to work on the latest technology.
  • Competitive Learning Environment with supportive co-workers.
  • Employee friendly HR Policies.
  • Paid leaves up to certain limits.
  • Competitive salaries & Bonuses.
  • Flexible working hours.
  • No formals (strictly).
  • Liberal working atmosphere.
  • Occasional Parties.
  • Fully stocked kitchen with snacks, drinks.
  • 5 days working.
Backend Lead
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flexible working hours
Flexible working hour
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Competitive pay and benefits
Competitive pay and benefits
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Friendly HR policies
Friendly HR policies
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Occasional parties
Occasional parties
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