February 2, 2021

Logicwind Grand Opening in Ahmedabad

New Office Shall Unveil New Opportunities!

Logicwind has always been one of those companies which are growth and progress-oriented in the true sense.

Therefore, our aim of being operational PAN INDIA is in progress - in due accordance we have launched our new office at Ahmedabad, Gujarat; this is our second functional area after Surat.

We have always believed that our client's support and the team's efforts are the core reason for our widespread work.

The journey of Logicwind meant to start from Surat, Gujarat, but it never meant to stay limited only in Surat.

While inaugurating Logicwind in Surat, we knew that this name is surely going to cater to the audience worldwide. Thus, we always thought of expanding Logicwind, our hard work has brought us to a stage wherein we can now explore the various cities for the next level of up-gradation of the company. And this is how the idea of integrating offices in another city of India came to our mind.

Initially, just like other companies, we were a bit skeptical but our minds changed after getting a great response from the clients of Surat.

This response made us optimistic about Ahmedabad as we had many prospects and projects in mind for this beautiful city.

Ahmedabad has a lot of potentials and we are all set to channelize that potential for growth.

The multinational companies, growth-seeking industries, and potential business units dragged us to Ahmedabad, the city is flourishing and we thought that it will be the best opportunity to provide the expanding city with a different view of IT Development, Software Development, Advertising, Branding, and Digital Marketing.

Logicwind at Ahmedabad is operational and we are eager to cater to the clients with the best IT & Marketing solutions.

The journey up till now has been wondrous and we hope to open many such ventures on a grand scale!

We have high hopes for the new venture and we understand the city has high hopes for us too. Our promising efforts will surely take care of our client's expectations.

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