| Design is charting unknown territory. 

We design for users

We design for functionality

We design for well-being

UX Research is about charting unknown territory. We look for answers to the unknown - who are the users,
what are their needs, the problem context – how are they solving the problem currently?
What is their preferred platform?
What time does the problem surface?

Think UX Strategy as a plan of how design will work. One of the most crucial elements about generating insights or data is to figure out a way to visualize the findings from user research.

We design every element on the User Interface - icons, buttons, typography, colors to make a sticky product. We design with intent. We design for conversion.

Design: Tailored to adapt and scale


UX Design

We use the power of research and data to uncover insights that lead to crafting products that are usable and seamless.


UI Design

Design of aesthetically pleasing and visually appealing products that are intuitive to interact with.



A digital blueprint that gives a high level understanding of how the user will experience the service.


Usability Test

Conduct moderated usability study to observe how real users interact with a product.



Designing high-fidelity prototypes that looks and feels like a real product.


Digital Branding

A psychological path; the process of creating a strong mind stamp of a brand’s identity and presence.

Our Success Stories

What do people have to say about Logicwind

Sumant Kachru

Founder, digiQC

What started as an IT staff augmentation, the Logicwind team’s role in building digiQC has been from concept, to solution, to growth and the continuous upgradation of the product, striving to deliver the best at every phase of the product roadmap.

Mehul Shah

Owner, ITAT Orders

Logicwind built a user-friendly website for us to access Income tax case laws easily. Their expertise in data visualization and sorting enabled efficient searching. We highly recommend their services for anyone in need of similar projects.

Riya shah


Project Manager

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