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Building a digital product from scratch isn't a one-person job. We bring together our leaders in technology, business intelligence, and experience design, to engage with you and explore your unique journey.

Discovery phase of the MVP process is the first step onto the journey of taking an idea to a fully functional product. We facilitate scoping sessions to get a better understanding of business goals and user requirements.

What you get:

  1. Scoping Workshop to gather business and project goals.

  2. User requirements - core user needs and motivations.

  3. Market research - a high level understanding of the competitive landscape.

This is where the fun starts, tangibility beats abstract. It’s an iterative process of trial and error, where key stakeholders; the client, the user and the design team are engaged in creating digital experiences that are seamless and intuitive.

What you get:

  1. Wireframes

  2. Prototypes

  3. UI kit & Style Guide

This is where our development team takes over to transform designs into functional, pixel perfect digital products that could be launched quickly and are scalable.

What you get:

  1. Web/App layout

  2. Cross platform application development

  3. Configured Database

  4. Custom API

Why start this discovery with Logicwind?


Product Discovery

We gather business requirements; merge them with the needs of your users and our product know-how. We transform your vision into product specifications.


Product Validation

We take you from idea to product in weeks, not years. We use design sprints and strategy workshops to design and validate product mocks with real users.


MVP Development

We help you build fast and save more by focusing on a small set of ‘must-have’ features necessary to complete the core task. Minimum Product, Minimum Waste.

Our Success Stories

What do people have to say about Logicwind

Sumant Kachru

Founder, digiQC

What started as an IT staff augmentation, the Logicwind team’s role in building digiQC has been from concept, to solution, to growth and the continuous upgradation of the product, striving to deliver the best at every phase of the product roadmap.

Mehul Shah

Owner, ITAT Orders

Logicwind built a user-friendly website for us to access Income tax case laws easily. Their expertise in data visualization and sorting enabled efficient searching. We highly recommend their services for anyone in need of similar projects.

Riya shah


Project Manager

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Pre-Sales Lead, Logicwind
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