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Every digital product is an opportunity to make a difference.

Every digital product is an opportunity to make a difference.

Logicwind is a pool of deep end-to-end software development expertise. We have solved business problems. Created digital products for our clients and ourselves.  Erred, and erred better. Learned to express and enjoy. And we are just getting started.

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Years in business

Our Services

Custom software

Custom Software Development

We use cutting-edge programming languages and frameworks to engineer custom software applications that are uniquely designed for you.

Web Development

Your website or web app is your online storefront, make it stand out in the crowded digital landscape with a stunning website that turns visitors into loyal customers.

Mobile Application Development

Revamp your strategy and engage your customers on the go with visually stunning mobile apps right away under design services for modern businesses.

AI Model Development

Leverage the power of artificial intelligence to build customized AI models that help streamline your operations and deliver more value to your customers.
Custom software

TV App Development

Tap into the streaming market with seamless TV apps that provide an immersive viewing experience and keep your customers coming back for more.

Game Development

On the front, games are a lot of fun, but the backend requires complex technical know-how. Create immersive experiences that drive engagement, loyalty, and revenue for your business.
Custom software

DevOps Development

Build and deploy software faster, better, and with less risk. Streamline your software development processes and drive innovation in your business.

QA and Testing Services

Identify and fix the smallest bugs to the biggest issues with our Quality engineers. Harness the power of the latest methodologies to ensure your product is top-notch.

Maintenance and Support Services

Our commitment goes beyond building your product; we're here to ensure it operates at its peak potential while you can focus on scaling your business.

Power your vision with Logicwind's code

We at Logicwind, are innovators - constantly exploring the latest technologies and tools to create game-changing software solutions that drive your business forward. From ideation to launch, we work closely with you to develop and implement bespoke software solutions that solve complex problems and drive real-world results. Our partnership is a guaranteed win-win - join forces with us to harness the full potential of custom software development.
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Power your vision with Logicwind's code

Our Process

Discovery and requirements gathering

Discovery and requirements gathering

Don't just tell us what you want, let’s embark on the journey together. Before we even think of building the product, we work with you to uncover your business needs and gather requirements to ensure that we fully understand your vision.
Planning and design

Planning and design

During this phase, we think big and design smarter. Our team of design wizards will create a stunning user interface that captivates your audience and delivers a seamless user experience.
Development and implementation

Development and implementation

With years of experience in building minimum viable products, this is when we will bring your software solution to life using the latest technologies and tools, to build scalable, reliable and high-performing software.
Testing and quality assurance

Testing and quality assurance

Quality is at the heart of everything we do. During this stage, our quality assurance team conducts rigorous testing to identify and resolve any issues and ensure that your software solution is of the highest quality, functionality, and performance.
Deployment and launch

Deployment and launch

This is where your vision becomes a reality. Our team deploys and launches your software solution with precision, ensuring proper installation and configuration to give your users a seamless experience from the moment they start using your software.
Maintenance and support

Maintenance and support

We don't believe in a set-it-and-forget-it approach. We provide ongoing maintenance and support to ensure your software stays aligned with your ever-changing business requirements.

Tap into the digital landscape with customized software solutions

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Tap into the digital landscape with customized software solutions

Our Methodologies

Agile development


Stay agile and work collaboratively with us to adapt to changing project requirements and get high-quality software delivered quickly.

Waterfall development


Tap into our structured process and experience a predictable and reliable development process with clear milestones and deliverables.

DevOps development


Get reliable, scalable, and fast software delivered by our expert team with our collaborative and continuous approach to software delivery.

Lean development


Strip away unnecessary time and resources and optimize software delivery with our efficient and cost-effective approach.

Rapid application development

Rapid application

Turn your ideas into reality, and get your product to market faster with our focus on quick turnarounds and continuous improvement.

Technology stack that powers our solutions

Choosing Logicwind
Partnering for success

Collaborative approach:

Prioritizing partnership and collaboration for mutual success

Extensive expertise:

Years of software development mastery at your service

Rigorous testing:

Ensuring top-notch quality through rigorous testing


Putting your needs at the forefront of our approach

Innovative solutions:

Harnessing the latest tools and technologies for exceptional outcomes

Success Stories

Ewan Kirk
Founder, CardZap

Logicwind delivered great design work for CardZap, including logo, colors, and styling, prompting us to extend the partnership to UI/UX for the app and website. Their quality, cost-effectiveness, and existing relationship made them an easy choice.

Sumant Kachru
Founder, digiQC

What started as an IT staff augmentation, the Logicwind team’s role in building digiQC has been from concept, to solution, to growth and the continuous upgradation of the product, striving to deliver the best at every phase of the product roadmap. 

Ankit Tharwani
Co-Founder & CTO, Loop

Logicwind served as our tech partner for backend & mobile app dev, from scoping to delivery. Their skilled devs enabled fast & error-free development. They excelled in Flutter, backend dev, and DevOps, with Agile processes for deployment & delivery.

Mehul Shah
Owner, ITAT Orders

Logicwind built a user-friendly website for us to access Income tax case laws easily. Their expertise in data visualization and sorting enabled efficient searching. We highly recommend their services for anyone in need of similar projects.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What technologies do you use in software development?


JavaScript, Java, C++,.NET, Python, Node.js, AWS, PHP, React Native, and AI consist of our technology stack.

What industries do you operate in?


We cater to some of the widely known industries such as, Finance, Healthcare, E-commerce, Entertainment and Media, Government and Public Sector, etc.

What does your software development process look like?


Our software development process comprises firstly of discovery and requirement gathering, planning and design, development and implementation, testing and quality assurance, deployment and launch, maintenance and support.

Do you provide support services after the software development is complete?


Yes, we provide on-going maintenance and support to ensure your software stays aligned with your requirements.